300W 15-Piece On the Go Blender Set

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  • EC-2575

300 Watts

Stainless Steel Body 

Stainless Steel Ice Crushing Blades

Rotary Switch for Pulse/Off/Low/High


1 x 750mL Blender Jar with Handle and Removable Lids for Juicer Function

2 x 750mL Transparent Blender and Drink Jar

2 x Stay Fresh Storage Lids

1 x 250mL Grinder Cup to Process Dry Foods 

1 x Cross Blade

1 x Flat Blade

1 x Juicer Attachment for Pusher and Extractor Filter

2 x 500mL Blender and Drink Jar with a Straw Holder Lid

1 x Juicer Attachment for Pusher